Website Loading Slow in Pakistan? Find The Reasons

Website Loading Slow in Pakistan? Find The Reasons

There are a lot of things that can contribute to website loading slow. Some of them are given below.

Connection overload

One of the main problems for slow web pages is an internet connection. In fact the blockage of all the tasks you do on the internet. It’s the most crucial and slowest part of the system.

For this reason, if your internet connection is used by more than one thing on your computer or multiple computers are all trying to share the same internet connection, all of these things slow down the internet connection and cause a

website loading slow

web page.

Toolbar applications

Another main item is toolbars.

In other words, those applications that are installed into your browser may have a negative impact on your system’s performance and those applications make it slow.

Overloaded memory

While browsing the internet, if a lot of other applications or programs are potentially running on your computer and using your system heavily it can slow your browsing.

It may have happened that your browser does not have fast access to the CPU or hard drive for managing cache. Because of these other applications or programs trying concurrently use your computer, this can slow down the writing on the hard disk.

Do a malware check

When you’re suffering from internet slow-downs Malware attacks are the things to investigate.

Over Loaded Graphics

Some of the reasons why a page is slow to load are heavy graphics or a lot of animations, some auto-loading videos, or bells and whistles on the web page. Ads, with auto-play video variety, can slow download time noticeably.

Bad Configured Web Hosting

Once you have completed your site, your pages will only run as fast as the web hosting server. In other words, if your web hosting company is having a mostly slow day, your site will run slowly too. So always choose the best web hosting company for the great performance of your site.web hosting company

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